About Us

Adv. Noam Shpalter

Business and financial mentor. A sought-after key-note speaker on setting financial goals and achieving them and many more financial subjects.
Noam, a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of many companies in the Israeli economy, holds three academic degrees in business and law, specializing in finance and the capital markets, holds an insurance broker’s license and a licensed real estate broker and a licensed business and real-estate attorney.
After his release from the IDF as a lieutenant in a central command, he worked as a Business Development Manager. After about two years he founded a consulting company that provided business development to large and leading companies in the economy and was involved in the establishment of large projects in Israel, Australia, China, Italy and Ethiopia.

In 2006, he turned to finance, began to lecture and founded with his partners the Orin-Shpalter Financial Education College, which is considered a leader in its field and manages the training departments for most financial companies in Israel such as insurance companies, investment houses, banks and more. Noam is a founding partner of a large insurance agency with over 30 employees, a financial planning firm, an alternative investment house and a number of startups as also a large medical center in Tel Aviv, which he also ran for two years.

As of 2010, he invests privately in various startups and real estate projects in Israel and abroad (entrepreneurial, commercial, hotelier, urban renewal and land development), applying financial portfolio management principles from the financial worlds And even developed an analysis, management and control system for real estate investments based on the investment principles of traditional investment houses

Adv. Ohad Arad

After his release from the army, where he served in the prestigious Unit 8200, Ohad began his professional career as a public figure, when he was elected chairman of the Student Union for three consecutive years and served on the National Student Union. His law and business administration degrees helped him as an urban renewal entrepreneur at the same time as his internship, and his political involvement even led him to run for his city council, then set up a party – and run for the Knesset, the Israeli house of representatives.

For 10 years, he has worked and promoted projects in the urban renewal world, as an independent entrepreneur and collaborations with several of the largest and highest-quality contractors in the Israeli market, where he established and operated in the urban renewal arms promoting dozens of projects to date throughout the country. In 2016 he was offered a challenging position in a Public real estate company, where he was trusted on the sale of the company’s assets, Ohad brought about the sale of many assets in the company in a total amount that crossed the NIS billion threshold, in a short period of less than two years, saving the stability of the international parent company.

As a real estate expert in the Israeli arena, a lecturer and consultant in the field who has won numerous and varied transactions, he realized that Israel is already very difficult to operate in real estate investment, and has turned to investing and developing overseas. Today, he holds a variety of assets operating for various time periods, as well as a manager Investment and advises many investors.

The group includes four companies in the financial sector:

The alternative investment house was founded in 2017 in order to meet investors who are looking for quality and stable investments, as

B-Rich Mindset, a company that specializes in personal development, with an emphasis on the financial component. The company conducts

A financial on-line channel. The channel will broadcast economic news, daily capital market program, daily real estate, daily economic

ReTarget is an expert financial planning firm. The leading team consisting of the financial ribs that surround an average family in Israel